Solar Evaluation

1. Find your address on the map.


2. Select a solar duration layer.
( Legend )
( Legend )
3. Adjust the solar duration layer opacity.
4. Draw your system.
  1. Click 'Draw' to enable drawing
  2. Left click on map to add points
  3. Left double-click to complete PV array
  4. Click 'Clear' to start over
5. Adjust the inputs.

Size (kW): help
Tilt angle (°): help
Azimuth angle (°): help
Cost per Watt ($): help
Buy-back per kWh ($): help
Rebates per est. annual kWh ($): help
Tax Credits (%): help
6. Estimate your production.

Existing Installations ( Legend )

Visit the MadiSUN website to add your installation